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Typically we are around the office from 9:30am – 4:00pm (Mountain Standard Time) Monday to Friday.  We take an hour at lunch with our family, are closed on holidays and may be out in the fields during planting and harvest season.  Please leave a message and we will return your call as soon as possible.

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Box 70
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34532 Range Road #14
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Ask us Anything about Potatoes!

We are always happy during the winter or growing season to help answer any questions you may have about growing potatoes.  Over the past 30 years of growing potatoes we have overcome many of the same challenges you may have.  You can find a compiled traits list for our potatoes with information about the strengths and weaknesses of each variety which you can use to help pick the most successful varieties for your soil.

There are a few areas in potato production we are not well versed in.  Our cold winter climate is a fantastic natural control for most insects, so we have very little experience in insect & disease control in potatoes.  Please contact your local agrologist or chemical dealer if you are interested in controlling issue using synthetic chemicals or fertilizers as we no longer use these in our production.

We are now finished taking orders for spring 2017 seed potatoes. Please think of us again next season.