We specialize in growing & supplying Seed Potatoes for your Home or Market Garden

Located in Central Alberta near the small town of Bowden, the Mills Family has been growing seed potatoes for over 30 years.  Although Eagle Creek Seed Potatoes is one of Canada’s smallest seed potato farms, here you can find Canada’s largest selection of seed potatoes delivering to home gardeners & market gardeners from coast to coast.

The smallest bag contains only 4 potatoes.  Going up from there spuds are bagged in
1kg, 5kg 14kg & 900kg bags.

Our Online Catalogue is now Closed

If you are in need of some potatoes please give our office a call, we still have a few bags of potatoes left on the shelves looking for a garden to grow in.
We are busy out in the gardens now so there may not be someone in the office all the time, but we will get back to you as soon as possible
1 877 224 3939

How We Farm

We are in the process of obtaining organic certification for our farm.  2015 was the first year we grew our seed potato crop without the use of any synthetic fertilizers or chemicals.  To create a healthy 8 year rotation for our potato crop we are transitioning a total of 640 acres into organic production which will be a mix of potatoes, hay, grain & vegetables.

Do you have a market garden? We can help!

We have no minimum order size, so if your having a tough time sourcing small volumes of 4 or 5 specialty varieties, ask us for our 14kg bag discounted pricing.  Or if you need more than 500kg of one variety we can help with that too!  Need more than 2 tonnes of one variety?  Well that is getting out of our scope, but may be able to connect you with someone who can.

No Garden? We can Help with that too!

You won’t find smaller packages than ours.  For your convenience our packages start at 4 potatoes, all one variety or a mix of 4 different varieties if you prefer.  Which is great for testing out one of our unique varieties or for those who garden in pots on a balcony. (Learn more about growing potatoes in containers)