Organic Certification

2015 marked the first year that we grew our potato crop completely without the use of any substances banned in Organic Production and our 2018 crops is the first with Organic Certification.  Pro-Cert is the certifying body we work with to obtain Certification.  We strive to farm in a way that creates a healthy ecosystem through crop diversity and long diverse rotations.  Our potatoes are grown in a 5-6 year long rotation.  Grain, hay, vegetables & cover crops are grown in the years land is not growing potatoes.

Who’s Potatoes do we sell?

Just ours.  We only sell what we are able to grow her on our farm at Bowden, Alberta.  Prior to organic transition we would supplement our supply with other high quality conventionally grown seed potatoes. Now with the decision to sell only seed potatoes which have been grown using Certified Organic practices, our options of sourcing seed is limited.  Unfortunately this may result in years where a particular variety not being available, but we will work our hardest to maintain a good supply of your favorite varieties every year.

Where Is The Farm

Eagle Creek Seed Potatoes is operated by Eagle Creek Farms located in between Calgary and Edmonton at Bowden, Alberta.  The Mills Family has farmed this land for nearly 100 years since settling the land in 1921.  Although the Mills family was not the first to own the land, they are the only family to farm the land.   The previous owner purchased the land in 1878 in hopes to find coal or minerals in a small hill on the property.  Nothing but silt, brown soil and willows were found, so the mine was was soon abandoned.  Although not ideal for mining, the combination of great soil and consistent rain fall turned out to be great land for growing grain and vegetable crops.