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Mixed Red Collection

If your a fan of red potatoes, this mixed package is for you.. There are 2 standard red skinned, white fleshed potatoes (Norland & Sangre)  along with 2 red skinned yellow fleshed varieties (Red Gold & Desiree)

Red Gold

Alta Blush

Limited Supply Remaining - Alta Blush’ was discovered as a chance seedling in Wetaskiwin, Alberta in 1992. The exact parentage is unknown but it was developed by private potato breeder John Safroniuk of Wetaskiwin Alberta.  It has a smooth, thin skin, shallow eyes and tastes wonderful.

John’ s daughter, Tracey Berg, writes. “The potato is excellent in salad, boiled, baked and roasted. It has a creamy texture.  It is by far our favourite for mashing, but they don’t mash well until late September.”


Bellanita Potatoes is an early, small-sized salad variety producing very high tuber numbers. These long tubers are consistent in shape and have an attractive yellow skin and pale yellow flesh color. The cooking type is rather firm and Bellanita has an excellent taste.

Varieties Still In Supply

2020 Remaining Varieties


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Limited Supply Remaining - A very smooth light yellow potato with very thin skin. The flesh is firm and great for storing through the winter. An excellent potato for roasting and boiling. Sieglinde produces a firm skin which makes it ideal for winter storage and shows resistance to scab.

This Variety dates back to the 1930's and originates from Austria.
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