U-pick Gardens & Community Supported Agriculture

U-pick Vegetables, Flowers & Strawberries

If your ever passing through Alberta in the Summer we invite you to come visit the farm.  We typically have a selection of our top 15 Seed Potato varieties in our U-pick gardens if you would like to sample something new.  Also depending on the season visitors are welcome to pick from our wide selection of U-pick produce & challenge our growing collection of Mazes including our legendary Sunflower Maze.

Community Supported Agriculture

In 2009 we began offering a CSA into the near by city of Calgary.  Today we run a 16 week summer CSA and an 8 delivery, biweekly winter CSA.  Along side our veggies we also deliver eggs, meat & fruit from British Columbia.  If you are thinking of purchasing potatoes for your own CSA or are thinking of starting one, please give us a call.  We love sharing what we have learned and are always looking for great ideas from others.